Big Data an biggest and widest technology we need to know lot of things in big data UPDATES IN BIG DATA very important we here gather all the info like News , Online test, Blogs , Start up’s  , JOB , POC(Proof of Concept) etc . know more and earn more happy big data !!!

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  1. sir i have just completed my BE in Computer engineering in 2015 and right now i did not got any job so i started learning this TECHNOLOGY BIGDATA AND HADOOP .
    so after my course completion as a fresher for which designation should i apply and where should i find the jobs and please help me finding a job in this domain

  2. Look forward for more scenario/ practical based activities to get in depth on the hadoop work around in real time scenario.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for the awesome video about Spark and Cassandra Connection via Spark Shell with example. Could you please share the env file that you mentioned in the video ?

  4. I read this content and this was really awesome.You provided a very article.I hope this information may change my business carrier.I can remember these things whenever taking the decision. the blog is very useful, interesting and informative. thank you for sharing the blog with us. keep on updating.

  5. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for the awesome video about Spark and HBASE Connection with example.
    But, I am working on PySpark and HBASE, can you please upload any video regarding how to connect HBASE using PySpark with example. I am very new to this and I am not getting any useful blog or stuff from internet. Thanks.

  6. Iam completed bigdata using hadoop course in 2016 only now iam doing doing real time….but I don’t know data analytics…so please tell me any tutorials

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