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Scala Partially Applied Functions

When you invoke a function, you’re said to be applying the function to the arguments. If you pass all the expected arguments, you have fully applied it. If you send only a few arguments, then you get back a partially applied function. This gives you the convenience of binding some arguments and leaving the rest to be filled in later. Following is a simple example to show the concept for Scala Partially Applied Functions

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Scala custom exception handling

Scala custom exception handling 

If you are creating your own Exception that is known as custom exception or user-defined exception. Scala custom exceptions are used to customize the exception according to user need.

By the help of custom exception, you can have your own exception and message.

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Scala: How to Create Scala project in eclipse

Setup Scala project in eclipse with Hello World program

Scala is a programming language for general software applications. Scala has full support for functional programming and a very strong static type system. This allows programs written in Scala to be very concise and thus smaller in size than other general-purpose programming languages. One way for using Scala is via Eclipse an modern IDE

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