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Apache Cassandra Certification

Mock up test of Cassandra certification.The same mock up is also provided in Data stax site also.

Apache Cassandra Certification has been released on September 22 brought to you by Data Stax and O’Reilly. They are providing various level of certifications.
1.Developer (DS201 and DS220)
2.Administrator (DS201 and DS210)
3.Architect (DS201 , DS210 and DS220)
For more you can visit Data stax web site.

Tombstones are ___________________.


Which of the following statements about writes is incorrect?


When defining a table in Apache Cassandra, a _________________ must be defined


Which of these Cassandra technologies work together to keep track of the cluster data center and rack topology? Choose all that apply.


Durability is the property that ensures that all written data is the same on all nodes that it is written to.


Which of the following is not true for Apache Cassandra?


Given the following table from a physical data model, what are the most likely  choices for missing data types for the avg_rating, category, and amount_ingredient, in that order?

receipe_name Text

avg_rating  ?

prpe_time INT

cook_time INT

directions TEXT

category ?

amount_ ingredient ?


Clients should have ________________ so that the column values will replace older values based on their timestamp.


Which of the following is a valid Cassandra data type?


Apache Cassandra achieves high availability by____________?


In a Cassandra instance, a table called Orders holds order information. Each time an order is placed, an entry must also be placed in a denormalized table OrdersByCustomer to keep track of order history per customer. How does Cassandra handle this?


Given the following table, which of the following statements is an example of Data Modification Language (DML) in CQL?

CREATE TABLE comics ( title text, issueNumber int, originalPriceDollars float, PRIMARY KEY ( title, issueNumber ) );


You have designed a query to return all users by a designated state and designated age from a table holding all user information. Which approach is best for efficient queries like this?


The main function of a keyspace is to control ___________________.


Compaction does NOT do which of the following?


The CAP theorem states that only two out of three characteristics can be met by a distributed database system simultaneously. Which of the two characteristics does Apache Cassandra value most? Choose 2


An SSTable is immutable, meaning that it cannot be modified.


An application tracks a user’s habits. Every time a user clicks a link on a page within your site, the time of the event is recorded as well as the link clicked. In order to write an efficient query, all data must be stored in a single partition. Which of the following tables best models the needs of the application?


Apache Cassandra can be downloaded in which formats, including DataStax Community variants? Choose all that apply


What does the gossip protocol do?